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Jinan Welcome Industrial Group Co., Ltd is a large enterprise group integrating cold-chain logistics, meat and aquatic product wholesale market,national level port and international trade,pig breeding、slaughtering、processing,cooked meat products processing,export foods processing and other industries.The Group is a National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization、a National Key Cold-chain Logistics Base、a National 5A-Level Logistics Enterprise、a National 5-Star Cold-chain Logistics Enterprise、a National 3-Star Green Warehouses 、a National Excellent Logistics Park、a National Top Ten Cold-chain Logistics Enterprise、the Key Enterprise of Government Vegetable Basket Project in Jinan city and Shandong Province.

Welcome Meat and Aquatic Product Wholesale Market occupies over 200 thousand square meters. It takes up the first place as its 11 large low-temperature cold storage and 270 thousand tons cold-storage in China. The wholesale market has 3 trading halls with the business area of 90 thousand square meters, more than 1,200 market merchants and more than 20 thousand employees. Market distribution of global pork, beef, mutton and poultry meat, various aquatic products, quick-frozen, prepared food, agricultural products and tens of thousands of commodities; the business distribute throughout the country,it has become a national core logistics transit and wholesale hub of meat and aquatic products. 

Welcome Meat and Aquatic Product Wholesale Market is a Key Market of Daily Necessities Monitored by the Ministry of Commerce,a Market Designated by the Ministry of Agriculture. The annual trade volume and value of trade has ranked first in the same industry in China for many years. It is the largest collecting and distributing center of meat、aquatic products and frozen food in China; the indicator of national meat、aquatic products and frozen food price indexes.

In order to guarantee the food safety of Welcome market,the Group invested more than 60 million Yuan to establish Shandong Kangwei Food Testing Co., Ltd,it  obtained the national third-party food testing CMA qualification certificate. It is currently the first third-party food testing agency that specializes in supporting the market in the national agricultural product wholesale market industry.

The Group has developed international trade energetically,set up three international trade departments, it imports pork, beef, mutton, chicken products and various aquatic products from more than 30 countries and regions in the world every year. And provide handling international freight, storage, customs clearance and other import agent business. In 2018, 2019 and 2020, the trade volume of imported meat and aquatic products of Welcome Group ranked first in Shandong Province for three consecutive years, making positive contributions to the rapid growth of the city's import trade volume.

In order to accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, with the care and support of the Municipal Party Committee 、the Municipal Government , the vigorous guidance of Jinan Customs, Welcome Group has taken advantage of its industrial strengths and invested 200 million Yuan to build and operate the inland supervision port of the General Administration of Customs-Jinan Welcome Designated Import Port of Meat and Aquatic Product. The port has been passed the acceptance check conducted of the General Administration of Customs. The opening of the port has filled the gap that Jinan hasn’t had a port for importing meat and aquatic products for a long time; it is also the only inland customs port located in the cold-chain logistics park and the wholesale market of agricultural products.

The opening and operation of Welcome Port realized the customs clearance of more than 20 thousand containers of imported meat and aquatic products each year, increased Jinan's import trade volume by more than 10 billion Yuan, increased local taxes, promoted the growth of Jinan's import trade, increased society employment, promoted the rapid improvement of Jinan’s cold chain logistics industry and produces continuously economic and social benefits.





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